Videos Show Growing Threat of Gaza Terror Balloons

Southern Israel communities are currently facing daily attacks of incendiary balloons from Gaza. The threat is not new, but terrorists are now using upgraded terror balloons that carry explosives deeper into Israeli territory. Police and IDF bomb squads are regularly mobilized to deal with the … Read More

Growing Signs of Military Clash in Gaza This Week

Signs are growing that Israel and Gaza terror groups are expecting a military clash this week. Both sides are taking steps to prepare for a fight after tensions in the region increased in recent days. The leaders of Islamic Jihad in Gaza have gone into … Read More

Hamas Plans to Target Iron Dome Batteries in Next War

Israel’s Iron Dome has been highly effective in intercepting incoming rockets fired by Gaza terrorists. However, defense officials fear that Hamas will be targeting the anti-missile system’s batteries in a future war in an effort to disable them. The IDF is already preparing some counter-measures … Read More