Israel at War in 2021? Scenarios & Predictions

Israel at war in 2021? (Archive: IDF/Creative Commons)

2021 War Watch: Special reports and analysis as Israel faces the Iran axis.

  • For the first time ever, the IDF simulated a multi-front war where Israel is under attack from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. During the exercise, the Commando Brigade carried out a ground maneuver to destroy key Hezbollah targets in Lebanon’s mountains. The army expects that the next war will be unlike any other conflict in Israel’s history. Full Report: IDF Prepares for Dramatic War Scenarios

  • In 2010, an Israeli professor made some dramatic Middle East war predictions. He foresaw a huge military conflict erupting in the region around the year 2020, with US and Russian involvement. By the end of the war, he wrote, the IDF will reach Damascus. For Israel it would be the largest war in decades, he said. Full Report: Stunning War Predictions by Israeli Expert

  • A war against the Iran axis will pose an extreme challenge to Israel. Precision-guided missiles will target strategic military and civilian sites, including power stations, refineries, airports, army bases and air defenses. Enemy forces are also expected to fire at government buildings in Jerusalem and at the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv. Full Report: Israel vs. Iran Axis: Who Will Strike First?

Iron Dome missile defense (Archive: IDF/Creative Commons)
  • The Commando Brigade can hit Hezbollah fighters and targets deep in Lebanon, says the commander of the elite IDF force. The army can now reach Hezbollah’s key assets and disrupt its operations, he added. The Brigade trains intensively overseas to boost its ability to operate in unfamiliar locations. Full Report: IDF Commando Brigade Prepares to Fight Hezbollah

  • Israel’s next war will feature new tactics and strategies, and will likely be deadlier than previous wars. If it spirals out of control, it could have far-reaching implications that will change the Middle East. Israel has several dramatic options in case of severe escalation, including a deep incursion into Syria and a direct strike on Iran. Full Report: Will Next War Change the Middle East?

Will Israel strike in Iran? (Archive: Peter R. Foster IDMA/
  • Israel plans to invade Lebanon right at the outset of the next war against Hezbollah. The IDF is determined to terminate rocket attacks from Lebanese territory by using ground forces, a senior officer said. A large drill simulated a conflict in Lebanon to test the firepower and readiness of artillery forces for major combat. Full Report: IDF Plans Rapid Invasion of Lebanon