Israel at War in 2021? Scenarios & Predictions 1

Special reports and analysis as Israel faces the Iran axis in 2021.

“For the first time ever, the army simulated a multi-front war where Israel is under attack from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza…”

“The professor described this great war in detail. He wrote that missiles from Syria and Lebanon will rain down on Israeli cities…”

“How close is Israel to finalizing its plans to attack Iran? Reports that IDF is drawing up new proposals could be deceptive…”

“In case of severe escalation, Israel has several options. The most immediate would be to devastate Lebanon…”

“Unlike previous conflicts, the army intends to mobilize its ground forces immediately to neutralize threats in Lebanese territory…”

“The expert team expects that the Iran axis will also fire at government buildings in Jerusalem and at the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv…”