Israel’s Military Option vs. Iran Nuclear Program

Israel’s military option vs. Iran (Archive: IDF/Creative Commons)

SPECIAL: Israeli strike plans, training & capabilities vs. Iran’s nuclear project.

Israel is speeding up its operational planning and military preparations for a strike on Iran’s nuclear project, the IDF chief warned in August. In parallel, the Air Force chief traveled to the US to advance the buildup of Israeli air power and capabilities.

The army and intelligence agencies are taking steps on several fronts to plan and train for a broad military assault. Below is a detailed look at Israel’s military option for a dramatic attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

  • The IDF is preparing for a wide-ranging campaign against Iran that goes beyond a strike on its nuclear sites, an Israeli general says. The intensive military buildup was approved by the government, he noted. Israel is now engaged in an intensive effort to boost its military capabilities and intelligence, IDF chief Kochavi added. Full Report: Top Officers Say IDF Building Military Power for Iran War

  • Israel is upgrading its F-35 fighter jets with top secret technological and weapons systems to prepare for a strike in Iran. The Israeli upgrades turned the cutting-edge stealth fighter into a “strike and intelligence collection monster,” defense officials familiar with its secret capabilities say. Full Report: Israel Upgrades F-35s With Secret Technology for Iran Strike

IDF speeds up plans for Iran strike
  • The media is full of conflicting reports about IDF readiness for a strike in Iran. Yet the big question remains: How close is Israel to staging a massive assault on Tehran’s nuclear sites? The answer is a closely guarded secret, but there are some hints. Full Analysis: When Will Israel Be Ready to Strike in Iran?

  • Israeli General Tal Kalman says that the IDF is capable of fully destroying Iran’s nuclear program in a military strike. As part of the ongoing battle with Tehran, Israel will increasingly operate against targets in Iranian territory, he added in an interview. Kalman currently leads the IDF’s Strategy and Third-Circle Directorate, a new branch created to focus on the Iran threat. Full Report: IDF General: Israel Can Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Project

  • The Israeli Air Force took part in a large exercise in Greece to prepare for wartime scenarios and long-range missions. Meanwhile, the IDF is bolstering the strike capabilities of its F-35 fighter jets. The Air Force deployed multiple aircraft during the major drill, including F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, tankers, and spy planes. Full Report: Israel Takes More Steps to Prepare for Iran Strike

  • If and when the IDF takes military action against Iran, it will utilize the latest addition to its arsenal, the F-35i jets. The stealth fighters, upgraded with Israeli technology, have a range of 2,200 kilometers, putting Iranian nuclear sites well in range. An IDF strike on Iran could certainly destroy its nuclear and missile sites, a military expert says. Full Report: Israeli Strike on Iran Again Becoming Real Option

Air Force prepares for long-range missions (Archive: Yuval Shmueli, IDF/CC)
  • The IDF is drawing up new military plans to counter Iran’s nuclear program, Israel Hayom daily reported. Preparing the new strategies will require Israel to invest extra billions in its defense budget. The army is already working on three different military options and will present them to the political leadership, the report said. Full Report: Israel Preparing 3 Military Options Against Iran

  • Israeli defense officials shared some of the IDF’s plans for a strike in Iran with the Pentagon, military journalist Alex Fishman reported. However, Israel is not fully revealing its plans and capabilities in case of US objections to an assault, he wrote. In parallel, Iran continues to bolster its air defenses around nuclear sites. Full Report: Israel Shares Strike Plans With US As Iran Boosts Defenses

  • The Israeli Air Force participated in a military exercise in India, marking the first time the IDF publicized Air Force training on Indian soil. As part of the drill, a transport aircraft flew at unusual altitudes and carried out challenging maneuvers. The rare exercise raised questions about the reasons prompting the Israeli army to train in a remote location like India. Full Report: Preparing for Iran? Israeli Air Force Trains in India