IDF elevates alert for West Bank attacks on Israelis during holiday, deploys more troops; army concerned about terror cells plus lone wolf assailants, @WallaNews reports; terrorists armed with M-16 rifles post threatening videos in past 2 weeks.

Dramatic words by former Israeli PM Barak via @YediotAhronot:

1. #Iran very likely passed point of no return to become nuclear threshold state

2. New reality means largely no point in pursuing nuke deal

3. Unclear if US has military plans to stop Iran


IDF setting up emergency response reserve force in northern #Israel to counter Hezbollah raids; hundreds of combat veterans recruited, will keep weapons at home for rapid mobilization, @Haaretz reports; model based on LOTAR anti-terror force in south Israel.

#Iran closer to military #nuclear capabilities than reported, analyst @AmiRojkes says; Tehran has full technical knowledge needed to build nuclear weapon, timing only a matter of political decision, he warns via in-depth analysis posted by @IsraelD_Heb

Elite IDF & police forces capture 2 remaining terror fugitives in Jenin overnight after Shin Bet uncovers hideout; special intelligence unit uses unique tech tools to pinpoint location, @ynetalerts reports


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