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Israeli Experts See Hezbollah Link to Beirut Explosion

Hezbollah uses Beirut port to transport and store weapons and explosives, experts say; initial Lebanese reaction to explosion suggests cover-up; Israel conducting its own intelligence investigation. Tuesday’s massive explosion at the Beirut port occurred in a Hezbollah weapons depot, says … Read More

IDF Finalizes Plans to Pound Lebanon If Hezbollah Attacks

IDF deploys massive firepower across northern border, finalizes list of targets in Lebanon; military prepares for several days of intense combat operations. Israel’s defense chiefs have completed the arrangements for a major offensive against Hezbollah. If the group delivers on … Read More

Left-Right Tensions in Israel on Brink of Violent Eruption

Radical activists gear up for street battles after right-wing assault on anti-government rally; leftist protesters forming self-defense squads as internal strife in Israel grows. Domestic infighting escalated dangerously this week as right-wing thugs attacked a leftist march in Tel Aviv … Read More