#Israel gets green light from US and Britain to hit #Iran in response to ship attack, @aljarida reports; retaliation options include strike on Iranian port or military ship, report says (via @roysharon11)

Hamas boosts efforts to launch terror attacks against Israelis in West Bank, @kann_news reports; Gaza group tried to recruit 60 Palestinians in recent months to carry out attacks, report says.

PM Bennett blames #Iran for attack on ship in Gulf of Oman; #Israel could deliver major blow in response, military journalist Amos Harel reports in @haaretz; retaliation expected to be "relatively harsh" given Bennett's combative approach to Iran, report says

Hezbollah converts up to hundreds of rockets into precision weapons according to some Israeli estimates, journalist Alex Fishman reports; northern residents to be in bomb shelters for days in case of war; Iranian UAV that can carry 8 bombs deployed in region.

#Israel prepares several strike options vs. #Iran in response to deadly attack on ship in Gulf of Oman, @N12News reports; security forces ready to launch operations vs. Iran or Iranian targets in region once the order is given, report says.

Defense minister Gantz and IDF chief Kochavi hold urgent meeting to discuss attack on Israeli-owned ship off Oman coast, @N12News reports; significant Israeli response expected, senior official tells @kann_news

Israel believes suicide drone attacked oil tanker in Gulf of Oman; defense sources tell @ynetalerts Iran carried out terror act based on flawed intelligence, killed 2 innocent European crew members; US forces escort ship to safety after strike.

2 confirmed killed in attack on Israeli-owned ship in Gulf of Oman, @ItayBlumental reports; fatalities are foreign crew members (British and Romanian). The big question now: How severely will Israel retaliate if Iran is behind it?

#Israeli Navy is changing its combat doctrine to focus on latest regional threats, play a greater role in detecting and destroying enemy targets; article views the IDF's newest warships & advanced capabilities.

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INS Magen: Israel's newest ship changes how the IDF combats naval threats

INS Nitzachon and INS Atzmaut were handed over to the Israel Navy Tuesday


Finance Minister Lieberman wants to boost IDF's missile power & budget at the expense of Air Force; the former defense minister believes #Israel should build larger arsenal of high-precision long-range missiles, @LilachShoval reports.

Senior Russian official confirms Moscow is taking steps to limit Israeli strikes in Syria; Russia plans to specify what is not permitted in Syrian territory within two months, he told Israel Hayom daily.

Israel is "highly prepared" to ensure that #Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons, Defense Minister Gantz tells BBC in Persian; IDF has capabilities that cannot be revealed, Israel will maintain freedom to take action, he says. (source: @ArutzSheva_En)

#Iran can break out toward nuclear bomb within few months, @INSSIsrael warns in strategic report submitted to Israeli President Herzog; IDF must prepare for military strike on nuclear project plus possible war vs. Hezbollah, analysis says (via @newsisrael13)

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