Israel Faces Clash With New Palestinian Generation

The newly released US peace plan marks the end of an era. The two-state vision of the 1993 Oslo Accord has become obsolete. Soon, the Palestinian generation associated with Oslo will be gone, too. An aging leadership still clings to power, but a new generation … Read More

The Big Gaza Debate: Is Truce With Hamas Possible?

Israel’s political leaders seem to be committed to the idea of a long-term Gaza truce with Hamas. However, IDF officials are divided over the terror group’s intentions and the right path forward. An extended truce in Gaza is an appealing prospect for Israel’s leaders. On … Read More

Israel, Hamas Play Gaza-Style Poker Over Holocaust Event

This week features yet another round in the ongoing poker game between Israel and Hamas. Dozens of world leaders are in Israel for a ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. This huge event is a security nightmare. Defense officials are … Read More