Israel Braces for Violent Eruption on Tense Gaza Front

Hamas leader Sinwar makes nasty Holocaust-style threat, as Israel prepares for nightmare scenarios in case of Corona disaster in Gaza. A major Coronavirus outbreak in the Gaza Strip will lead to an eruption of violence against Israel, defense officials believe. Hamas has kept the border … Read More

Iran Using Gaza Rockets to Influence Israeli Election

The resumption of Gaza rocket attacks on Israel at this time is no coincidence. Iran’s proxy, Islamic Jihad, is trying (among other things) to affect the results of Israel’s March 2 election. More specifically, it looks like Iran is trying to get rid of Prime … Read More

Is Hamas Learning to Speak Better Hebrew?

Israel’s security services recently thwarted a Hamas scheme to hack the phones of IDF soldiers. Hamas members posing as attractive women made contact with Israelis online or on chat applications and managed to fool hundreds of them. Most reports focused on Hamas’ improving cyber capabilities, … Read More