Strategic Alert: Palestinian Terror to Explode in 2023

Strategic terror alert for 2023 (Archive: Unsplash)

The IDF warned Israel’s political leaders that Palestinian terror against Israelis will likely explode in 2023. The army is very pessimistic about the security outlook and issued a “strategic alert” to the government, journalist Yossi Yehoshua reports.

Terrorism in the West Bank will likely erupt in full force during the month of Ramadan in March-April 2023, military officials estimate. Gaza and Jerusalem are also in danger of a major flare-up of violence, the army warned.

The IDF is already seeing  clear indications of escalating Palestinian terror, with close to 300 shooting attacks in 2022 so far. Israeli forces foiled about 500 attacks this year and seized some 250 weapons in ongoing raids on terror hubs, the army said.

Meanwhile, military planners are preparing for fierce battles against terror gangs next year. The IDF just ordered a new batch of armored vehicles and other protective gear to equip troops for intense combat activity.  

Notably, Israel faces a new generation of terrorists who have no memories of past IDF operations and are eager for a fight. These young gunmen seek social media exposure and are willing to take greater risks, experts say.