Israel-Russia Relations to Be Tested in Next Syria Strikes

Israel-Russia relations seem to be going well, with Netanyahu and Putin maintaining an ongoing bromance. But under the surface, things may not look as rosy. The trouble, as usual, has to do with Syria. The potential for military friction may be higher than we think, a … Read More

Trouble at Sea for Israel As New Powers Change Region

The Israeli Navy usually doesn’t get much attention. But soon it may be called upon to play a key role in ensuring Israel’s national security, according to a fascinating (and somewhat disturbing) recent report. While we were busy reading about Iran and Hezbollah, experts at … Read More

Israel’s Next War Could Change the Middle East

Israel’s next war will be different than previous wars. It will feature new tactics and strategies, and will likely be deadlier than before. If it escalates and spirals out of control, it could have far-reaching implications that will change the Middle East. The last major … Read More