Will Defense Minister Bennett Surprise Iran and Hamas?

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett is promising a different approach to fighting Iran and Hamas. Recent reports suggest that new plans are in the works, but Bennett will be ultimately judged on his actions, not words. On Tuesday February 11th, Bennett announced that Israel was refocusing … Read More

IDF Says Iran Planning to Attack Targets in Jerusalem

Israeli defense officials see indications that Iran plans to attack the Knesset and other government buildings in Jerusalem with missiles. The IDF is concerned that a heavy barrage could devastate parts of the capital. The army analyzed the Iranian threat and concluded that targeting the … Read More

IDF Allegedly Bombs Iranian Targets in Southern Syria

Israeli fighter jets allegedly carried out wide-ranging airstrikes on multiple targets in Syria early Thursday. At least 12 members of pro-Iranian militias were killed in the broad assault, according to unconfirmed Arab reports. The IDF did not offer any comment. The heavy bombing killed both … Read More