Will Coronavirus Crisis Resolve Israeli Election Crisis?

Another Israeli election just ended without decisive results, leaving Israelis in a growing state of depression. However, this time around there may be a secret weapon that could help resolve the impasse: The mighty Coronavirus. Israel currently faces two horror stories: First is the horrifying … Read More

Israeli Election Results to Transform Political Map

The Israeli election exit polls indicate that Israel’s political map will be transforming dramatically in the coming days and months. We will soon see new players and parties (or old players and parties taking new paths). In any case, Israeli politics will look very different … Read More

Netanyahu vs. Gantz: Who Will Win the Israeli Election?

The Israeli election is, yet again, a contest between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz. On paper, the PM is clearly a better campaigner and should win easily. Gantz often seems lackluster and confused. Still, Netanyahu failed to win twice in a row. Why is that? … Read More