3 Problems That Could Make Netanyahu Lose the Election

The Left has been trying to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu for years, unsuccessfully. However, the prime minister now faces a big threat from the Right. With a month to go, Netanyahu must come up with solutions for three problems, or risk losing significant right-wing support. The … Read More

Arab Narrative Guarantees Failure to Defeat Israel

Why have the Arab world’s repeated efforts to defeat Israel failed so miserably? The answer to this question is complex, but an underlying reason is the Arab narrative and the way it perceives Israel. By forming a twisted image of the Jewish State’s essence, its … Read More

Right-Wing Merger Good for Netanyahu, Bad for Bennett

Benjamin Netanyahu has done it again. Wednesday’s right-wing merger, which he engineered and promoted, shows why the prime minister excels at winning elections while his nemesis Naftali Bennett keeps struggling. The union of Bennett’s New Right and the religious Jewish Home ensures that they will … Read More