Israeli Election Predictions From Sherlock Holmes

Predicting the results of the 2020 Israeli election is a tricky business. Figuring out what kind of government will be formed after the election is even trickier. Still, some experts have been getting such forecasts right for years. How do they do it? To face … Read More

Why Israel Badly Needs National Unity Government

The upcoming Israeli election is both boring and terrifying. Boring, because the campaigns have been lackluster and uninspiring, and many Israelis are by now indifferent to or disgusted with the political system. Terrifying, because another indecisive result and a fourth election would plunge the country … Read More

Terrorists May Hold Key to Israeli Election Results

An upsurge in violence in the West Bank or Gaza could have a dramatic effect on the upcoming Israeli election. The campaigns have been sleepy so far, but terror and security issues are bound to stir up emotion. Ultimately, terrorists may hold the key to … Read More