Red Alert: Growing Risk of Political Violence in Israel

Israel faces a heightened risk of political violence at this time. On the left and right there is fertile ground for radical acts after years of escalating rhetoric that is reaching new heights. What will happen after the Corona lockdown is over, and are some politicians at risk? … Read More

Israel Enters First Phase of Major Political Shakeup

Which three factors will change Israeli politics dramatically, and will the latest events hurt Prime Minister Netanyahu in the longer term? Blue and White’s collapse and the expected formation of an emergency unity government is the first phase of a major political shakeup in Israel. … Read More

PM Netanyahu Fighting for His Political Survival

How did Netanyahu’s election night “victory” slip away, what was his biggest mistake, and what’s the strategic threat he faces? On the night of the March 2 election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the stage and declared a great victory. Exit polls showed that his … Read More