Lieberman: Iranian Attack on Israel to Draw Brutal Payback

The Israel Defense Forces should use “all their capabilities” to respond to a direct Iranian attack on Israel, Knesset Member Avigdor Lieberman says. The former defense minister told Channel 12 News that Israel should view an Iranian assault by advanced missiles or drones as an … Read More

Israeli Officials Slam Turkish Assault in Syria, Back Kurds

Israeli officials are criticizing Turkey over its military offensive in Syria and throwing their support behind the Kurds. Prominent politicians condemned Ankara’s actions in what could signal further deterioration in the strained Israel-Turkey relationship. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced Turkey’s assault and warned that it … Read More

Palestinian School Books Promote Anti-Israel Views

Palestinian education officials are increasingly removing positive references to Israel and to peace from school books. A recent report warns that changes introduced in the last three years have produced a more combative anti-Israel curriculum. The detailed report by the IMPACT-se advocacy group says that … Read More