March 2020

Is Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Heading in New Directions?

How will the Coronavirus crisis change the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and what is Russia’s rare opportunity? Only six weeks ago, Israeli-Palestinian relations were on the brink of eruption. The Palestinians were infuriated by President Donald Trump’s peace plan, Israel was preparing to extend … Read More

Corona Could Be Strategic Game-Changer for Mideast

Does the Corona crisis reduce or increase the chances of a Mideast war in 2020? The Coronavirus outbreak is easing tensions on Israel’s potential war fronts, for now. But things could change later this year. In the Gaza region, rocket and terror balloon attacks on … Read More

IDF Prepares to Step In to Contain Corona Outbreak

IDF to impose closure on Israeli towns in case of extreme Coronavirus crisis; units specializing in chemical/biological warfare placed on high alert. The IDF is making preparations to step in to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Israel. The army is holding daily discussions … Read More