Hamas Nears Endgame As IDF Takes Over Last Strongholds

Hamas losing Gaza war (Archive: Pixabay)

The IDF is tightening its grip on southern Gaza as Israel continues its push to destroy Hamas strongholds and secure a decisive victory. Following the takeover of Hamas’ nerve center in Gaza City, Israeli forces are now close to seizing full control of Khan Younis, the largest remaining bastion of terrorist activity.

High-intensity operations in Khan Younis are reaching their final phase, with the IDF set to complete the mission in February. Defense officials believe that top Hamas leaders are still entrenched within the city.

According to Israeli defense sources speaking to Axios, the IDF gained control of a substantial portion of the strategic Hamas tunnel network in Khan Younis. Efforts to locate and eliminate terror leader Yahya Sinwar are in critical stages, as Israeli forces employ advanced tactics to navigate the intricate underground passages.

IDF special forces are utilizing intel information to mobilize swiftly as they target suspected Hamas hideouts within the city, Maariv Online reports. The search for the “golden tunnel shaft” leading to Sinwar and other top Hamas figures is intensifying.

Despite Sinwar’s evasion tactics, Israel remains confident that his capture is only a matter of time. Israeli officials say that he is constantly moving underground in the past 10 days. The top Hamas commander is “terrified” that the IDF is closing in on him, the sources say.

IDF innovates tunnel warfare

Innovative techniques developed by elite IDF units enable them to operate covertly within Gaza’s tunnels, utilizing robots and dogs to maneuver below ground and detect threats. The operation has not been without sacrifice, with dozens of IDF dogs injured or killed during tunnel missions, Ynet reports.

Recent successes include the capture of sleeping terrorists in an underground command center, and the extraction of vital intel from captured Hamas operatives. The Givati brigade, leading IDF operations in Khan Younis, has been instrumental in neutralizing terrorist threats, with hundreds of suspects apprehended for interrogation, Maariv says.

Israeli forces dealt a significant blow to Hamas in Khan Younis, eliminating nearly 3,000 terrorists and disrupting vital terror infrastructure, N12 News reports. A raid on Hamas terror sites uncovered German-made machinery used for weapons production, further harming the group’s capabilities.

The IDF also seized a treasure trove of highly sensitive intelligence materials including top secret Hamas documents. Forces recovered hundreds of computers containing this valuable intel and took them back to Israel for further examination.

By now, Israeli forces dismantled 18.5 out of 24 Hamas battalions in Gaza, N12 News says. Accordingly, defense officials are optimistic about the IDF’s ability to cripple Hamas and neutralize key terror leaders.

According to the IDF, at least 50% of Hamas terrorists in Gaza are dead or out of action, and the group’s entire military-industrial base has been destroyed.