Israel’s Emergency War Plan Moves Into High Gear

Israel’s Iron Dome (Archive: IDF/CC BY-NC 2.0)

The IDF Home Front Command rapidly advanced in recent weeks a plan to designate mass bomb shelters in northern Israel. The army is setting up dozens of sites, primarily in underground parking lots, in response to the looming threat of full-scale war with Hezbollah.

The IDF procured 80,000 food packages for distribution during wartime as part of the operation, Ynet reported, underscoring the scope of the threat. The emergency shelters are crucial for residents living in older buildings lacking fortified spaces, offering a sanctuary that can sustain them for days if necessary.

A similar plan will be implemented in central Israel in the event of war with Hezbollah or a broader regional conflict, the report said. The IDF estimates that barrages of thousands of rockets and missiles will target Israel daily during an all-out war.

Israel’s security forces and emergency services have been working for long weeks to bolster readiness for large-scale conflict. The IDF has deployed additional troops to the north and intensified training efforts, while the government prepares hospitals to handle the complexities of wartime operations and mass casualties.

IDF plans Lebanon campaign

In parallel, the army is advancing plans for a ground operation in Lebanon. IDF Chief Halevi tasked Brigadier General Moshe “Chiko” Tamir with formulating a blueprint for a military campaign against Hezbollah, Channel 13 reported.

Notably, Tamir played a lead role in planning the IDF incursion into Gaza. The veteran officer brings invaluable experience and insight to the table: He previously served as deputy chief of the Northern Command and is closely familiar with the challenges posed by Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, Northern Command Chief Ori Gordin is actively engaging with local security officers in the north to discuss war preparations. During a recent meeting, he emphasized ongoing IDF efforts to boost readiness for a potential assault in Lebanon.

In the past week, the IDF practiced operations to set up supply lines into Lebanon via air and land. The drill simulated delivery of military gear, ammo, water, and fuel to troops in enemy territory. The exercise was led by the Technology and Logistics Branch in cooperation with the Northern Command, Air Force, and infantry units.

Eyes on Israel’s air defenses

As tensions continue to mount and the specter of conflict looms large, Hezbollah is intensifying its efforts to undermine Israel’s defenses. Terrorists have been launching rocket barrages in an attempt to identify and neutralize Iron Dome batteries stationed in northern Israel, N12 News reported.

These attacks, which include rockets and drones launched from various locations and altitudes, underscore Hezbollah’s quest to identify weak spots in Israel’s air defense array.

Despite the looming threat, defense officials remain confident in the effectiveness of Israel’s multi-layered air defense systems.

A senior IDF engineer told N12 News that Iron Dome has been upgraded during the current war and achieved a success rate of over 90%. She added that the David’s Sling missile defense system covers the entire nation, complementing the capabilities of Iron Dome. [Read more: How Iron Dome Works?]