February 2020

Israel Needs Better Strategy for Palestinian Conflict

The Palestinian reaction to President Donald Trump’s peace initiative has been depressingly predictable. The Palestinians angrily rejected the plan and are now preparing a diplomatic campaign against it. Meanwhile, popular unrest and violence are growing. Events in Gaza are also playing out according to a familiar script. … Read More

IDF Says Iran Planning to Attack Targets in Jerusalem

Israeli defense officials see indications that Iran plans to attack the Knesset and other government buildings in Jerusalem with missiles. The IDF is concerned that a heavy barrage could devastate parts of the capital. The army analyzed the Iranian threat and concluded that targeting the … Read More

Trump’s Plan and Psychology of Arab-Israeli Peacemaking

Making peace between Israel and the Palestinians is about emotions just as much as about substance. While President Donald Trump’s plan offers substantial detail, it was introduced without taking the psychology of peacemaking into account. Advancing the plan now under such circumstances is nearly impossible. … Read More