December 2019

2019 Was Israel’s Year of Preparation for War With Iran

In retrospect, 2019 may come to be known in Israel as the year of preparation for war with Iran. During this period, the IDF upgraded its war capabilities, while Israel’s leaders prepared the public for a major conflict. In October, the cabinet convened to address … Read More

Spy Story: Eli Cohen and Israel’s Arabic Crisis

Interest in Eli Cohen boomed this year, after Netflix produced a series about the legendary Israeli spy. Cohen’s success in penetrating the top echelons of the Syrian government remains one of the IDF’s and Mossad’s greatest achievements. But it also highlights a major problem faced … Read More

Israel Shocked by Stabbing Attack at US Rabbi’s Home

Officials in Israel are expressing shock and anger following a stabbing attack on Jews in Monsey, New York. The Israeli media is covering the events closely, after a man armed with a machete wounded at least five people at a rabbi’s house. Prime Minister Benjamin … Read More