November 2019

Israel’s Unique Airline Security Model at Risk

Israeli airline security is known worldwide for its high standards and effective counter-terror measures. However, the government is set to look into changing this unique security model, mostly for business reasons. Israel’s national carrier, El Al, has been using rigorous security methods for some 50 … Read More

Netanyahu Urges World to Support Israeli Strikes on Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that Israel will continue its relentless military campaign against Iran. All countries should exert more pressure on Tehran and support Israel’s actions, he said. Speaking at the weekly cabinet session, Netanyahu stressed that Iran was not only attacking its … Read More

Israel Uses High Tech, Big Data to Fight Terror

The IDF is unveiling an advanced system to monitor the entry of Palestinian workers into Israeli settlements. The new system is the latest in a vast array of high tech and big data tools used by Israel’s security services to thwart terror attacks. The system, … Read More