Killing of Al-Baghdadi Will Not End ISIS-Style Terror

The next Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is already out there. Killing the ISIS leader is an impressive US achievement, but it will not terminate the brand of radical Islam that he represented. Al-Baghdadi was certainly a proficient terror organizer and promoter. However, in building the ISIS … Read More

Israeli Army Nabs West Bank Terror Suspects, Seizes Guns

The Israeli army detained 13 terror suspects and seized several firearms in a series of West Bank raids overnight. Israel Defense Forces troops also razed for the second time the family home of a convicted terrorist. IDF forces operating alongside Shin Bet agents and police officers … Read More

Israeli Guards Kill Palestinian Armed With Knife

Israeli guards at a West Bank checkpoint shot and killed a knife-wielding Palestinian Friday evening. The assailant charged at the security officers stationed at the site, the Defense Ministry said. There were no reports of Israeli casualties in the incident at the Teā€™enim Crossing, near the Palestinian … Read More