Mossad Agents: The Secret World of Israel’s Spies

SPECIAL: Mossad agents, secret operations, and insider’s look at spy agency’s unique hiring process

Mossad’s recruitment and training methods are unlike anything most people will ever experience. The select few who pass the strict selection process of Israel’s spy agency perform unique missions abroad, at times under extreme danger. So what does it take to be a Mossad field agent?

Mossad’s female agents operate undercover in Iran as part of the agency’s most important missions. These highly trained operatives engage in intelligence collection deep in enemy territory. Mossad women were also involved in breaking into top secret sites and in assassination missions, Israeli book reveals..

Mossad is undergoing a deep organizational change as it integrates cutting-edge technology to transform its spy operations. The agency is planning to integrate its full array of tech powers into covert missions in enemy countries, while revolutionizing its field operations units.

Israel is reportedly waging a secret campaign inside Iran to target key assets and facilities. Mossad is likely recruiting and mobilizing foreign operatives to carry out these high-risk sabotage missions. The process remains shrouded in secrecy, but agents are believed to receive some of their training in Israel.

Mossad continues to be at the forefront of Israel’s battle against its enemies in the 21st Century. But in a changing world, the spy agency must find ways to counter and adapt to new threats and challenges: Avoiding enemy surveillance, developing Arabic and Farsi skills, and solving the China puzzle.