Israeli Spies: The Secret World of Mossad Operations 1
The secret world of Mossad operations (Archive: Pixabay)

Mossad operations, assassinations, and insider’s look at spy agency’s unique hiring process.

  • Mossad’s female agents operate undercover in Iran as part of the spy agency’s most important missions, an Israeli book reveals. These highly trained operatives engage in intelligence gathering and surveillance work deep in enemy territory. Mossad women were also involved in breaking into top secret sites and in assassination missions, the book says. Full Report: Mossad Women Undercover in Tehran

  • Israel is reportedly waging a secret campaign inside Iran to target key assets and facilities. The spy agency is likely recruiting and mobilizing non-Israeli operatives to carry out these high-risk sabotage missions. The recruitment and handling process remains shrouded in secrecy, agents are believed to receive some of their training in Israel. Full Report: Foreigners in Israel’s Service in Iran

Israeli Spies: The Secret World of Mossad Operations 2
Mossad wages secret war in Iran (Archive: Pixabay)
  • A mysterious malfunction at the Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz was apparently caused by Mossad, Western intelligence experts estimate. According to one account, Mossad was able to smuggle in an explosive-laden table into the nuclear site more than a year before, and only detonated it now. Full Report: Mossad Attacks Iranian Nuclear Site

  • Mossad Chief David Barnea became the head of the spy agency in 2021 after a long career in the security services. Israel’s top spymaster is an ex-commando with extensive field experience, and played a key role in advancing an aggressive line against Israel’s enemies. Full Report: Mossad Chief Ready to Lead Fight Against Iran

  • The information revealed about the daring operation to kill Iran’s chief nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh highlights the expertise and skill of the assassination squad. The field operatives displayed the abilities of elite military forces, an Israeli intelligence blog says. Full Report: Assassinating Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist

Israeli Spies: The Secret World of Mossad Operations 3
Mossad operations target key figures (Archive: Pixabay)
  • Israeli agents in Iran assassinated Al-Qaeda’s deputy chief after following him closely for more than a year. Two gunmen on a motorcycle shot Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah to death in Tehran. The operation was carried out by Kidon, Mossad’s highly trained assassination unit, intelligence sources said. Full Report: Israeli Agents Kill Al-Qaeda’s No. 2