IDF Elite Units on High Alert for Red Sea Attack by Iran

IDF naval commandos and forces in submarine fleet on standby for Iranian revenge attack in Red Sea, Walla! News reports.

IDF on high alert for Red Sea Attack (Archive: IDF/Creative Commons)

The IDF raised its alert level in the Red Sea theater Tuesday for fear of an imminent attack by Iran or its proxies. Israeli defense officials expect an Iranian revenge attack for the killing of nuclear chief Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Walla! News reported.

Several elite units are on standby for rapid intervention, including the IDF’s naval commandos and submarine fleet, the report said. Security officials confirmed that a Navy submarine recently sailed to the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.

The army also deployed several anti-missile defenses in the south in recent days, including Iron Dome batteries. The IDF held several war games and discussions to assess the threat, and may be considering a preemptive strike.

The Israeli moves follow reports that Iran recently shipped suicide drones to Yemen. A defense expert told Newsweek that Tehran’s Houthi proxies are forward deploying the drones to prepare for a strike on regional targets, and that Israel is in range.  

Air Force on alert

The Air Force has been on alert for some days now in southern Israel to counter a missile or drone strike on key targets, including the resort town of Eilat.

Houthi rebels pose a significant threat to vessels sailing in the Red Sea, a study by the Maritime Policy and Strategy Center at University of Haifa recently warned. The Iranian proxies placed hundreds of sea mines in shipping lanes and possess advanced weapons, including long-range missiles.

Iranian attacks in the Red Sea would threaten a vital sea route for Israel, as well as future plans to deliver oil from the Gulf to Israel. Navy warships are already deployed in the area to protect Israeli vessels, but the IDF is now reinforcing them with elite forces and rapid response capabilities.