Netanyahu Still Focused on Iran Despite US Peace Plan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s main focus is still on Iran, even as President Donald Trump prepares to unveil his peace plan. For Netanyahu, peace initiatives and West Bank settlements are clearly important political issues. However, dealing with the Iranian threat remains his top priority and … Read More

Unveiling of US Peace Plan Good, and Bad, for Israel

Predictably, Israeli reaction to news that President Trump will soon be unveiling his Mideast peace plan was mixed. Rightists loved it, but leftists were less enthusiastic. The right is mostly excited about the prospect of annexing West Bank settlements with America’s blessing. The left is … Read More

Israel Fears Temple Mount Violence As Jewish Visits Soar

Israel’s defense establishment is increasingly concerned about the potential for violence on Temple Mount, as more Jews flock to the holy site. Security officials warned the government that a flareup could provoke an eruption across the West Bank. Recent days saw violent clashes between Israeli … Read More