Videos Show Growing Threat of Gaza Terror Balloons

Man carrying balloons
Balloon threat (Illustration photo: SnapwireSnaps/Pixabay)

Southern Israel communities are currently facing daily attacks of incendiary balloons from Gaza. The threat is not new, but terrorists are now using upgraded terror balloons that carry explosives deeper into Israeli territory.

Police and IDF bomb squads are regularly mobilized to deal with the threat, and so far there have been no casualties. However, officials fear that sooner or later someone will get hurt and are issuing repeated warnings. For now, tensions in the region are growing as balloon and rocket attacks continue.

The following videos offer a glimpse into the realities and dangers faced by residents of southern Israel:

On Tuesday, Hamas cells threatened to send balloons carrying tear gas grenades into Israel in the coming days. The video below shows a test carried out in Gaza.

Below, a rare video of a terror balloon exploding near a southern Israel community. The video was captured by Netiv Ha’asara’s security team.

Below, an Israel Police video warning that terror balloons could be a deadly trap for children.

Below, a video from Gaza shows a terrorist launching balloons into Israel.