Israel’s War Plan: Destroy Hezbollah’s Elite Force

Israeli war drill (Photo: IDF)

Israel practiced an assault to destroy Hezbollah’s Radwan force in the latest large-scale war exercise. IDF troops simulated a rapid raid into Lebanese territory to demolish Hezbollah’s best fighting force and rocket launching sites, Ynet reports.

During the drill, Israeli forces tested plans to capture large areas in southern Lebanon. The IDF deployed joint infantry and armored combat teams to carry out the maneuvers.

Notably, Hezbollah deployed hundreds of Radwan troops near the Israeli frontier in the past year (you can read more on Hezbollah’s move here). These forces are positioned to strike at Israel on short notice and can attack IDF positions and border communities.

The Israeli exercise was meant to implement lessons from the Ukraine war and avoid Russia’s mistakes, military journalist Ron Ben-Yishai wrote. The IDF wants the assault on Hezbollah to focus on swift destruction of Radwan’s forces by elite units, instead of a large incursion by slow-moving tanks.

Israel’s war plans stress rapid detection and elimination of targets using precise intelligence and massive fire, the report said. This combat doctrine will enable the IDF to leverage its most powerful assets: superior air power, high-precision weaponry, and pinpoint intel.  

The army said that during the drill it first mobilized large forces to defensive positions on the Lebanon border. This was followed by a simulation of wide-scale strike operations executed by thousands of soldiers with air and naval support. The IDF also tested the capacity of air defenses to intercept thousands of incoming rockets.

During this phase, the Air Force trained for airlifting forces and supplies into the battle zone. In parallel, the Intelligence Branch detected hundreds of new real-life targets on different fronts.

Special Forces prepare for battle

The army also deployed its elite Ghost unit in the latest drill, a multi-dimensional fighting force that can quickly unleash deadly firepower. Ghost forces will be mobilized to hunt for Hezbollah rocket cells using specialized military gear, including advanced strike drones.

The IDF’s Commando Brigade will also play a crucial role in war operations in Lebanon. The well-trained and superbly equipped forces will counter Radwan cells along the border and deep in enemy territory.

Israel’s commando forces simulated a deep raid inside Lebanon in May, the Brigade’s departing commander told Israel Hayom daily. Hezbollah and especially Radwan pose a challenge for Israel but IDF Special Forces are much better, he said.

Colonel Manny Liberty warned that a fight in Lebanon will be messy and end badly for Hezbollah. He said that he based his assessment on deep familiarity with the army’s defensive, offensive, and intelligence abilities. Notably, the Brigade previously practiced a large attack on Hezbollah hubs and strategic sites.

Earlier, military journalist Alon Ben-David reported that despite their skill level, Hezbollah’s Radwan forces are getting rusty as they last fought in Syria years ago. He noted that some forces deployed by Hezbollah near the border are visibly out of shape. Ben-David added that vehicles and other military gear displayed by the group during a recent exercise are old.

According to an unconfirmed N12 News report, the IDF in fact practiced a surprise assault on Hezbollah. As Iran’s nuclear program advances, the IDF could aim to neutralize Hezbollah with a preemptive strike before attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, the report said.