Israel’s Secret Sites Exposed in New Satellite Images

Satellite imagery of secret sites (Archive: Unsplash)

Some of Israel’s most sensitive military sites are now viewable via high-resolution satellite imagery online.

The US-based Mapbox is offering high quality images of the Dimona nuclear reactor and other top-secret locations following a change in American legislation. As of October 26, shaper images of these and other Israelis sites can be openly accessed.

The military censor is permitting Israeli media outlets to post the photos online. Images published by local websites so far show IDF fighter jets and helicopters on the runway in previously blurred Air Force bases. Satellite photos of the Dimona reactor have also been publicized.

An Israeli expert told Haaretz daily that the new images pose no security risk, but some concerns persist. Defense officials previously warned that terror groups could use readily available high-quality images to aim rockets at high-value targets, Ynet said, citing a Reuters report.

Notably, Israel expects Hezbollah to target Air Force bases and other military assets in a future conflict to disrupt the IDF’s military efforts. The group’s sizeable arsenal includes a limited number of high-precision rockets that will likely be aimed at strategic targets in Israel.