Israel Must Closely Monitor Turkish Threat, Study Warns

Turkish threat growing? (Photo: Pixabay)

Israel must closely monitor Turkey’s nuclear ambitions and naval power given Ankara’s aggressive posture and hostility, a new study warns. The West can no longer trust Turkey as it adopts growing nationalist tendencies and a belligerent policy, the in-depth report said.

Moreover, Israel should signal its readiness to use force against Turkish threats to vital interests, the analysis said. The study was prepared by Dr. Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak, a Turkey expert at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security.

Last year, former intelligence minister Eli Cohen called for a review of relations with Turkey, pointing to its increasingly Islamist character.

Turkey’s naval power is already a cause for concern for Israel. The Turkish military is upgrading its already powerful navy and could pose a significant threat to Israeli interests in a future conflict, an earlier report cautioned.

The latest study also notes Turkey’s nuclear advances, which could pave the way for a military nuclear program down the road.

In parallel, Ankara maintains close contacts with Hamas and allows its members to operate on Turkish soil. Turkey now serves as the center of Hamas business operations, which are used to finance the terror group’s activities, according to Israeli information.

Turkey also plays a dangerous role in Jerusalem, where it builds ties with extremists and promotes anti-Israel radicalism.

Overall, the Turkish government continues to encourage hostility against Israel, domestically and abroad. This campaign often promotes religious conflict and portrays the Jewish State as an opponent of Islam.