Hamas Builds Terror & Finance Centers in Lebanon, Turkey

Hamas activities exposed (Archive: Abed Rahim Khatib/Shutterstock.com)

Hamas is expanding its military arm in Lebanon while using Turkey as an economic base for terror financing, Israeli information reveals.

The main hub of Hamas business activity is Turkey and the group’s assets are worth $500 million, a detailed report by Globes daily says. Hamas owns dozens of Turkish companies mostly linked to real estate and infrastructure and is closely assisted by the Turkish government, according to Globes.

However, Israel’s security services were reportedly able to expose some of the terror group’s business activities and intercepted large sums of money.

Hamas profits are estimated at roughly $100 million a year, and the group uses the funds to buy and produce rockets and other weapons, Globes says. In September, the Air Force bombed a Hamas rocket factory hidden in a Gaza bunker.

In parallel, Hamas is building a large terror branch in Lebanon that poses a growing threat to Israel, a recent report warns. The group is expanding its military activities, including weapons production and combat training, the Alma research center said.

Hamas units in Lebanon are currently developing rockets, drones, and underwater vehicles, the report added. According to previously released information, terror cells in Lebanon hide military equipment in civilian sites located in populated areas.

Notably, Hamas terrorists in Lebanon are waiting for orders from Gaza to fire rockets at Israel, an earlier report said.