IDF Forces Blow Up Syrian Army Positions Near Border

Cleared for publication: Elite IDF forces blew up two Syrian army positions on the Golan Heights last week. The rare cross-border raid was ordered after Syrian soldiers set up outposts in the demilitarized zone, breaching ceasefire agreements with Israel.

The daring operation was carried out by troops from the Nahal Brigade and from the IDF’s engineering corps, N12 News reported. The forces planted explosives at the two outposts while Syrian soldiers were stationed nearby.  

A senior commander said that Syria’s deployment raised concerns due to the Syrian army’s cooperation with Hezbollah. “We will not allow southern Syria to become like southern Lebanon,” he said.

Earlier this year, the IDF killed a Hezbollah operative on the Golan as part of Israel’s efforts to thwart plans to set up terror cells in the area.