Iran Makes More Threats to Destroy Tel Aviv

Iranian threats continue: An officer in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is threatening to destroy Tel Aviv “soon” in an undated video circulating on social media. The officer made the comments at a public appearance in the presence of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The … Read More

Lieberman: Iranian Attack on Israel to Draw Brutal Payback

The Israel Defense Forces should use “all their capabilities” to respond to a direct Iranian attack on Israel, Knesset Member Avigdor Lieberman says. The former defense minister told Channel 12 News that Israel should view an Iranian assault by advanced missiles or drones as an … Read More

Are Israel and Iran Moving Closer to All-Out War?

The escalating face-off between Israel and Iran recently prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make some foreboding remarks. Speaking to supporters, Netanyahu said that Israel may have to take “very difficult decisions very soon” to counter Iran’s moves. While praising US economic sanctions on Tehran, … Read More