Top Intel Expert: Time Running Out to Stop Iranian Nukes

Iranian nuclear threat grows

The window of opportunity to stop Iran’s nuclear program is closing, one of Israel’s top intelligence experts warns. Amos Gilad, a former IDF general and veteran intel specialist, issued the warning in a co-written paper by the Institute for Policy and Strategy.

Notably, the West failed to secure a nuclear deal with Iran but is reluctant to declare that negotiations are over. The article says that this vague status is the “most dangerous and problematic” for Israel.

At this time, Tehran can advance its nuclear project with no interruption or fear of sanctions, the paper says. Moreover, the growing alliance between Iran and Russia poses significant strategic and operational threats for Israel, the article says.

Iran is seeking Russia’s help to bolster its nuke program, US intelligence sources recently told CNN. Moscow’s assistance could shorten Tehran’s breakout time toward an atomic weapon, the report said.

Israel must quickly design a broad strategy to block the Iranian threat, which is growing on all fronts, Gilad and co-writer Dr. Shay Har-Zvi say. This grand plan should leverage economic moves and psychological warfare to worsen the Iranian regime’s internal crisis.

In parallel, Israel must accelerate its military buildup to counter the Iranian threat, the paper says. The IDF is already investing large resources while training intensively to boost readiness for a strike.

Will Netanyahu strike Iran?

The Iranian menace is growing as Benjamin Netanyahu is returning to the Prime Minister’s Office after a stunning election win. With a new right-wing government, Netanyahu may find it easier to approve a broad assault on Iran.

Prominent Likud member Tzachi Hanegbi recently said that Netanyahu’s main motivation as PM will be to counter Iran. If the nuclear danger escalates, Israel’s leaders will have to make some fateful decisions to stop Tehran, he wrote in Yediot Aharonot daily.

Hanegbi later estimated that Netanyahu will attack Iran’s nuclear project if talks on a new deal fail, N12 News reported.