Israel’s Strategic Buildup of Air Force Bomb Inventory

Israeli Air Force jets (Archive: IDF/CC BY-NC 2.0)

The Israeli Air Force has been engaged in a relentless effort to boost and expand its massive inventory of munitions. Israel’s defense chiefs believe that a robust stockpile of bombs and missiles is crucial for a full-scale conflict with Iran or a regional war.

Much of this military buildup is taking place quietly, behind the scenes. The Air Force arsenal now consists of an estimated tens of thousands of high-precision munitions of different types.

In parallel, the IDF expanded its list of targets for attack in Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere. The existing munition stocks plus new armaments that Israel is buying will enable the Air Force to build very broad strike capabilities, Walla News reported.

Israel’s defense industries have been at the forefront of developing and producing a wide range of advanced munitions. These armaments are specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by the IDF in protecting the country.

The Israeli weapons arsenal includes precision-guided munitions, air-to-surface missiles, and smart bombs designed to maximize operational effectiveness while minimizing collateral damage.

Israel modifies American bombs

In addition to local production, Israel initiated a strategic procurement project of advanced munitions abroad, mostly in the United States. Israel’s strong defense partnership with America and other allies enabled the IDF to acquire cutting-edge weaponry and diversify its missile arsenal.

In 2021, Israel’s Air Force chief traveled to the United States for a critical visit to accelerate the buildup of Israel’s air power.  During the trip, he met with American defense companies that play a vital role in bolstering Israel’s military arsenal.

Israeli-American collaboration also includes joint research and development projects, as well as technology transfers. In parallel, the IDF is customizing and improving US weaponry for use on the battlefield.

In the 2023 Gaza flareup against Islamic Jihad, Israel used modified US-made bombs to assassinate terror leaders. The army engineered the munitions to accurately penetrate windows of buildings, Walla News reported. Moreover, fighter jets can fire the bombs from more than 100 kilometers away to keep the element of surprise.

Israel also excels at retrofitting and upgrading existing stocks. Defense engineers are fitting older munitions with advanced guidance systems to further enhance the scope and effectiveness of Israel’s firepower.

Pilots get specialized training

The Air Force also invests in specialized training and realistic simulations to boost its operational skills. This enables pilots and ground crews to gain proficiency in using various munitions and ensures seamless integration with advanced aircraft systems. By now, Israel can deploy its air power effectively in response to a range of combat scenarios and emergency situations.

Notably, a massive Air Force munitions inventory will be critical if Israel’s leaders order a strike on Iran’s nuclear sites. In parallel, the IDF is expanding the arsenal of air defense interceptors to protect the home front. [Here’s more on Israel’s action plan for a missile war]

Overall, the Israeli Air Force methodically built a highly capable and well-prepared war machine. If a regional conflict erupts, IDF fighter jets will engage in extensive strike operations across the Middle East to destroy thousands of Iran axis targets.