IDF Warns: Lebanon Target List 20 Times Larger Than 2006 War

IDF reveals size of Lebanon target list (Archive: Zenobillis/iStock)

Israel is warning that the target list for a future conflict against Hezbollah has increased dramatically. The IDF’s target bank is now 20 times larger than it was in the 2006 Lebanon War, Walla! News reports. The army revealed the coordinates of one such target, an arms depot located near a school, by posting them on Twitter Wednesday.

The site is used to store rockets, anti-tank missiles and ammunition, the report said. The IDF estimates that the impact of bombing it will be equal to half of the Beirut port explosion.

Israel is preparing “surprises in response to Hezbollah’s surprises,” IDF Northern Command chief Amir Baram said, warning that “the next war will be complex for us, but intolerable for them.”