Israeli Navy Prepares for Showdown With Iran Axis

Israeli Navy ship (Archive: Defense Ministry)

The Israeli Navy is modifying its operational doctrine to counter a growing Iranian threat at sea. The Navy recently adjusted its deployment in the Red Sea and Mediterranean as Tehran and its allies build stronger naval capabilities.

Israel significantly bolstered the presence of warships and submarines in the Red Sea, N12 reports. The IDF recently trained in the Persian Gulf to prepare for growing threats in the region, the report says.

Israel also participated in several US-led naval drills in the past year. With a strong focus on the Red Sea theater, the IDF deployed warships and elite naval teams to practice rapid response to various contingencies.  

Some of the scenarios include search and seizure of hostile vessels, neutralization of sea mines and other explosives, and remote strike operations.

In parallel, Iran’s chief proxy Hezbollah is building an early detection apparatus to counter the Israeli Navy. The group installed radars and anti-ship missile launchers along the Lebanon coast, N12 reported.  

Notably, Israel plans to launch a large naval assault on Hezbollah in the next Lebanon war. The Israeli Navy is growing in force and will play a key role in future conflicts in Lebanon and elsewhere.

Israeli Navy small but powerful

Israel’s Navy is one of the most powerful and advanced naval forces in the region. Although relatively small, it is a highly capable combat force equipped with a range of vessels, advanced technologies, and sophisticated weapons systems.

The Navy’s fleet of warships includes missile corvettes and patrol boats as well as submarines. It closely cooperates with the Air Force and special forces units to launch operations across the Middle East.

The IDF’s naval arm is capable of conducting a wide range of missions. These include pinpoint strikes and combat support, intel collection and surveillance, and search and rescue operations.

The Navy’s key defensive missions include protecting Israel’s maritime borders and sea routes. Israeli warships also guard strategic assets such as the country’s gas rigs.

The Navy’s newest vessels, Sa’ar 6 corvettes, are equipped with a naval Iron Dome and can intercept incoming aerial threats such as rockets and drones.