Israel Deploys Submarines in Covert War Against Iran

Israeli submarines against Iran (Archive: IDF/Creative Commons)

Israeli submarines are deployed in the Red Sea as part of the covert campaign against Iran, N12 News says. An Israeli sub passed through the Suez Canal en route to Iran late last year, according to previously unconfirmed reports.

The IDF submarine force was awarded a citation by the Navy chief for dozens of secret operations in nearby and remote locations, N12 reported. The fleet is using new operational methods to carry out these sensitive missions, military reporter Nir Dvori wrote.

The army is now pressing for military action against Iran in response to the last attack on an oil tanker in the Gulf, military journalist Amir Bohbot reported. Top IDF and Mossad officials met with political leaders in the past week to discuss the Iranian threat at sea.

For now, Israel’s political leadership wishes to focus on diplomatic efforts but this could change based on new intelligence information, the report said.