Intelligence Alert: High Terror Risk on Israel’s Borders

High risk on Israel’s borders (Archive: Pixabay)

Israel will likely face border attacks in the coming months as new prime minister Yair Lapid takes over, intelligence officers warn. Enemy forces on multiple fronts will aim to strike as Israel deals with political instability, senior intel sources told Walla News.

Israel’s rivals believe that Lapid’s transition government wants to avoid a direct conflict or even a limited battle before the 1 November election, the high-ranking officers said. They estimated that this may prompt Iran or regional terror groups to take military action they avoided so far.

However, attacks on Israel could carry a heavy price tag, as the IDF prepares aggressive retaliation plans for different scenarios. The army will hit back forcefully to discourage assaults on Israel during this sensitive period, a defense source told Walla.

Notably, the 2006 Lebanon war erupted after Hezbollah provoked a new and inexperienced Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert. The Iran axis and Gaza terror groups may be tempted to similarly challenge new PM Lapid, who lacks significant defense experience.

But unlike Olmert, who came into office with rookie defense minister Amir Peretz by his side, Lapid will be working with ex-army chief Benny Gantz. Moreover, the incoming PM will likely respond harshly to any provocation to prove that he is not soft on security and score political points ahead of the election.

Lapid is taking over as tensions with Hezbollah on the Lebanon border are growing. The IDF is currently bolstering defenses to thwart a potential attack on a new gas rig located near Lebanese waters off the Haifa shore.