IDF Launches Own ‘YouTube’ App for Combat Forces

YouTube-style app for combat forces enables commanders to access all videos and photos collected by army’s surveillance network.

New video app for combat forces (Archive: Pixabay)

The IDF launched a YouTube-style application that allows combat units to view visuals from the entire intelligence network. Field commanders can now access real-time videos and photos collected by border sensors, surveillance cameras and spy aircraft, the army said.

The new video app can provide combat forces with immediate information about their surroundings and targets. The videos are accessible anywhere via a highly secure communication network.

“The concept is a little like the IDF version of YouTube,” a senior officer said. “All the videos are in one place.” He added that the entire platform was developed by IDF engineers, without any outside help.

Crucial battlefield intel

The system was previously installed only on command center computers, but is now available via a mobile app. This enables the forces to tap into crucial intelligence directly on the battlefield, and to rewind video materials if needed.

The new platform is shared by the IDF General Staff, regional commands and forces in the field, the high-ranking officer added. This further boosts the army’s shift to multidimensional operations, he said.

Last year, the IDF unveiled the new Ghost unit, a multidimensional force specializing in unique combat techniques. The elite unit combines diverse military weapons and capabilities such as attack helicopters, drones and armored vehicles.