Hezbollah Controls Syrian Army Units on Israel Border

Hezbollah controls Syrian units on Golan (Archive: Shmooj/iStock)

Hezbollah has deeply infiltrated Syrian army units near the Israel border, IDF Radio reported on Monday, citing a document drafted by opposition sources.

The terror group placed numerous advisers in Syrian units on the Golan Heights ranging from intelligence to logistics, the report said. The Syrian military is now supplying intelligence information and weapons to Hezbollah, which also pays off senior officers in the region.

Israel attacked Hezbollah forces on the Golan multiple times but is more hesitant to target Syrian forces directly. Strikes against the Syrian army will likely anger Russia and could trigger a military response from the Assad regime, analyst Ehud Yaari wrote.

The Hezbollah takeover is being orchestrated by the group’s masters in Iran, IDF Radio said. Previously, a veteran Israeli officer warned that Iran’s dangerous military buildup on Israel’s borders is expanding despite ongoing IDF strikes.