Jihadist Flags in Anti-France Protests in Israel

Radical Islam in Israel: Hundreds of Israeli Muslims held anti-France protests across the country in the past two days. In one rally, demonstrators held up the black flags associated with jihadist groups such as Islamic State.

Protesters gathered at intersections and towns in several locations across Israel. The rallies are a response to French criticism of Islamic radicalism following the murder of a teacher who showed his students cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

Flags at northern Israel protest

In the northern Israel town of Barta’a, some protesters waved black flags resembling the ones used by Islamic State and other jihadist movements. The group, previously known as ISIS, is infamous for its brutal tactics, including the beheading of captives.  

In Tel Aviv, dozens protested outside the French ambassador’s home, chanting slogans and vowing to defend Prophet Muhammad’s name. A similar rally was held near the envoy’s residence on Saturday.