Israel Steps Up Intel Collection on Targets Inside Iran

Israel tracks Iranian targets (Archive: Zenobillis/iStock)

Israel has more than doubled the number and quality of targets for attack inside Iran, a senior IDF officer revealed. The army is currently setting up a branch focused on operational plans against the Iranians, says Brig. Gen. Amit Saar, the IDF’s intelligence research chief.

The military intelligence directorate is investing extensive efforts to prepare for a direct conflict with Iran, Saar told Walla News.

The army uses diverse means to collect high-value intel on Iran, including a specialized Navy unit deployed in remote locations, Walla said earlier. Unit 663 operates near hostile shores via warships and submarines, employs Farsi experts, and works with Mossad, the report said.

The IDF also monitors Iranian activities from a secret military base in Israel.

Iran’s nuclear status

The Iranians can quickly shift to weapons-grade uranium enrichment to 90%, Brig. Gen. Amit said in a separate interview with Israel Hayom daily. Tehran has fully mastered the enrichment process and a nuclear breakout is only a matter of decision, he warned.

While Iran is only weeks away from producing enough nuclear material for a bomb, building it and fitting it on a missile would take another two years, he said.

Saar’s remarks come as Israel quietly advances its plans and preparations for a military strike on Iran.

An assault on Iranian nuclear sites will consist of more than just airstrikes, a high-ranking officer recently told Ynet. The report hinted that the IDF will also engage in cyber operations.