Can Iran Axis Bomb Israel’s Iron Dome Batteries?

IDF says enemy forces plan to attack Israel’s Iron Dome batteries; terror groups work with Iranian engineers to identify weak spots.

Israel’s Iron Dome (Photo: IDF/Wikimedia Commons)

Israel’s Iron Dome batteries will be a priority target for enemy forces in the next war, the IDF says. The army is taking steps to upgrade the protections of the air defense system before a conflict breaks out.

The military is acutely aware of the threat, defense officials told Walla! News. Terror groups are working with Iran’s top engineers to identify Iron Dome’s weak spots in an effort to overcome or neutralize it, the report says.

At this time, precision missiles pose the greatest danger to Iron Dome. However, the Iran axis can also use suicide drones to target the advanced system. The IDF previously warned that Hamas is collecting intelligence on the location of batteries and upgrading its drone fleet.

By now, the threat level requires battery commanders to ensure the system’s survival before focusing on interception operations, a senior officer told Walla! News. Moreover, the IDF also anticipates cyber attacks or efforts to disrupt Iron Dome’s communications or the army’s missile alert network.

IDF’s defense plan

Air Force Chief Amiram Nurkin believes that Iron Dome faces a significant threat and initiated a plan to boost its protection level. His directive called for measures to confuse hostile forces and obscure the system’s traces.

As part of this effort, Air Force pilots were tasked with hunting for batteries and detecting their vulnerabilities, the report says. The IDF also modified its protocols, held numerous simulations and exercises, and acquired new defensive means.

By now, Iron Dome batteries are more mobile and have been fitted with extra defenses. Still, the threat persists and will likely grow as more precise weapons are deployed around Israel. Once a large war erupts, the Iran axis will test the system’s protections by attacking from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or elsewhere.