Analysis / Israel Alerts World: IDF Ready for Lebanon War

Israel-Lebanon tensions high (

In a stark warning to the international community, Israel is signaling its intent to launch a military assault to remove Hezbollah forces from the Lebanon border. The Israeli message is crystal clear: If diplomatic efforts falter, the region will be plunged into a large, far-reaching conflict.

An IDF spokesman told Newsweek that the sides are inching closer to war. He added that the army is boosting its readiness for potential military action. Israeli reserve forces have conducted long weeks of training, focusing on various combat scenarios against Hezbollah.

A report from The Times indicates that the IDF is actively planning a ground offensive against Hezbollah. Israel’s primary objective is to push the terror group away from the border and back to the Litani River.

A senior Israeli officer warned that an IDF campaign in Lebanon would be more devastating than in Gaza. If war breaks out, Hezbollah will likely activate a wide-reaching plan to launch missiles and cross-border raids into Israel.

French warnings

Meanwhile, France believes that Hezbollah is weakening, heightening the probability of a broad Israeli assault in case diplomatic efforts collapse. Senior French officials conveyed Israel’s seriousness and readiness for military action to the Lebanese media.

French President Macron warned Lebanon that realities in the region have changed since October 7. In parallel, Israeli minister Benny Gantz told the French foreign minister that the IDF is actively preparing for a military operation, Kan News reported.

Israel is now demanding that Hezbollah redeploy its forces 10 km away from the border to avert a full-scale war. As of now, Hezbollah has refused to comply. Israeli officials estimate that the prospects of a deal are low. This assessment suggests a medium-to-high risk of a military clash within the next 3-6 weeks.

The international community is closely monitoring the escalating tensions, with the specter of a large-scale conflict looming. As diplomatic efforts continue, the coming weeks will prove critical in determining whether the situation can be defused.

Should diplomacy fail, the longstanding hostility between Israel and Hezbollah will erupt into a full-blown military conflict.