US Moves Signal Heightened Risk of Israel-Hezbollah War

Winds of war in Lebanon (Archive:

The US issued a stark warning to Israel regarding its military plans in southern Lebanon. According to US intel estimates, an IDF attempt to conduct a limited ground maneuver in the area will likely spark an all-out war with Hezbollah, potentially drawing Iran into the conflict.

The warning was reportedly delivered after Israeli officials presented the option of an IDF operation to push Hezbollah a few kilometers north. This plan would aim to avoid a more destructive, full-scale confrontation. However, US officials view even this limited action as highly risky.

Middle East expert Eyal Zisser told The Jerusalem Post that Israel would likely target Hezbollah’s leadership and aim to neutralize its military capabilities in a larger war. In parallel, Hezbollah will seek tactical surprises and symbolic victories such as infiltrating Israeli communities, shooting down aircraft and hitting high-profile targets.

The main question in the event of war is who will strike first, Zisser said. He added that there is a tendency in Israel to exaggerate the danger posed by Hezbollah, noting that the IDF is well-prepared for a military clash.

US prepares to evacuate citizens

Meanwhile, US concerns about a potential war are growing. Washington anticipates intense fighting between Israel and Hezbollah within weeks if a Gaza ceasefire is not finalized, Politico reported.

Highlighting the volatile situation, the US is deploying military assets closer to Israel and Lebanon to facilitate the evacuation of its citizens if the conflict escalates.

Earlier, the US urged Americans to reconsider travel plans to Lebanon, warning that the security situation in the area could deteriorate quickly.

Notably, the overall intensity of Hezbollah attacks appeared to decline recently, as efforts to avert a broad conflict continue behind the scenes. This could be the first sign of a desire to deescalate the conflict. However, it may ultimately turn out to be a temporary interval before the outbreak of a larger war, which could change the Middle East.