Report: US Fears Israel Planning Surprise Attack on Iran

Is Israel planning surprise attack on Iran? (Archive: IDF/CC BY-NC 2.0)

US and Israeli intelligence officials are concerned that Iran is secretly weaponizing its nuclear capabilities. Estimates that Tehran will need up to two years to build a nuclear bomb once it has enough enriched uranium may be off, Ynet reports.

More experts are warning that assessments about Iran’s military nuclear plans may be too optimistic, Ynet says. According to a recent report, Iran may have reached 87% uranium enrichment and Israel’s red line is 90%.

The American and Israeli intelligence communities are closely monitoring Iran’s nuclear project in a variety of ways. However, fears are growing that Tehran is able to hide some activities.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that Tehran allegedly secured secret deals with Russia to guarantee uranium shipments. Foreign intelligence sources say that Moscow will return enriched uranium to Iran if efforts to sign a nuclear agreement collapse.

Surprise attack on Iran?

In parallel, the Americans are concerned that Israel is planning a surprise attack on Iran, an Israeli defense source told Ynet. Top US defense officials are making urgent visits to Israel to ensure that Jerusalem does not act without American approval, Ynet says.

US military chief Mark Milley already arrived in Israel, and secretary of defense Lloyd Austin is coming this week.

Israel is capable of destroying Iran’s heavily fortified underground nuclear sites, military and intel sources recently told The Jerusalem Post. Israeli officials declined to provide classified operational details, but US officials said that repeated bombings could cause a cave-in or make nuke facilities unusable.

Behind the scenes, the Israeli Air Force has already elevated its readiness to attack Iran. The coming weeks and months will be tense as decision-makers in Tehran, Jerusalem, and Washington weigh their next moves.