Ex-Intel Chief: Hezbollah Missile Power Limited

Hezbollah’s ability to target Israel in a future missile war is limited, former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin says. Israel’s home front will be hit hard, Yadlin wrote in Haaretz daily, but doomsday predictions about the damage are exaggerated.

Notably, ex-IDF general Yitzhak Brik has been warning that a missile assault will devastate Israel and destroy numerous strategic targets. But Yadlin says that the forecast is based on false assumptions.

Unlike Brik’s claim, Hezbollah only possesses hundreds of long-range missiles, Yadlin said. Most of the group’s arsenal comprises inaccurate short-range rockets, he wrote.

For the worst predictions to materialize, enemy forces would have to fire 10,000 long-range rockets, Yadlin said, noting that Israel’s foes have fewer than 1,000.

However, Yadlin conceded that the civilian front will sustain more attacks and losses than in previous wars.