Why Is Immigration to Israel Becoming More Attractive?

Immigration to Israel continues unabated with nearly 180,000 new arrivals since 2012, the Population and Immigration Authority says. In the last two decades, some 600,000 people made Israel their new home. Meanwhile, emigration from Israel remains relatively low. The number of Israelis who left the … Read More

Antisemitic Parade in Belgium Targets Jews Again

An Antisemitic parade in Belgium is again planning to highlight anti-Jewish stereotypes during an upcoming event. The UN’s cultural body continues to endorse the Aalst Carnival despite its history of crude racism against Jews. Israel’s ambassador to Belgium vowed on Monday to fight the “disgrace” … Read More

Israelis Still Shaken by Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting continues to weigh on the minds of Israelis a year later. As officials and the media mark the anniversary of the Tree of Life massacre Sunday, they are still disturbed by its sheer depravity and chilling implications.     Jews in Israel … Read More