Israel Under Attack at Canada’s York University

Anti-Israel sentiments are running rampant in one of Canada’s largest universities. Pro-Palestinian activists and their supporters have turned York University in Toronto into a battleground against the Jewish State. Last week, the university’s student federation passed a sweeping motion to resist the presence of any … Read More

Israeli President Takes Stand Against UK Antisemitism

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is taking a firm stand against growing Antisemitism in Britain. Rivlin visited the UK and praised its chief rabbi for speaking out against rampant anti-Jewish feelings in Britain’s Labour Party. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis blasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this week for … Read More

Will British Jews Move to Israel If Corbyn Wins?

The notion of a massive departure of British Jews to Israel seemed imaginary only a few years ago. However, this improbable scenario could materialize if Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party wins the upcoming UK election. Many British Jews are terrified by the possibility of a Labour … Read More