Jews Under Threat As West Fails to Counter Antisemitism

Jews in the West are increasingly exposed to Antisemitic threats and violence from multiple directions, a recent report warns. Moreover, public officials are failing to counter the growing tide of Anti-Jewish hatred, and in some cases directly promote it. The number of Antisemitic incidents continued … Read More

New Instagram Campaign Takes on Global Antisemitism

A new campaign launched in Israel will aim to fight the rise of global Antisemitism via Instagram. The initiative will see Israeli and international leaders and celebrities speaking out against anti-Jewish hatred. The campaign, which carries the slogan Stop This Story!, will make use of … Read More

Israel Shocked by Stabbing Attack at US Rabbi’s Home

Officials in Israel are expressing shock and anger following a stabbing attack on Jews in Monsey, New York. The Israeli media is covering the events closely, after a man armed with a machete wounded at least five people at a rabbi’s house. Prime Minister Benjamin … Read More