March 2020

PM Netanyahu Fighting for His Political Survival

How did Netanyahu’s election night “victory” slip away, what was his biggest mistake, and what’s the strategic threat he faces? On the night of the March 2 election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the stage and declared a great victory. Exit polls showed that his … Read More

Israel Takes Battle Against Iran Axis to Next Level

What happened in Syria on the night of March 4, and why is the IDF adopting a more aggressive posture? Initial reports out of Syria late on March 4 indicated that Israel allegedly carried out an unusual strike. However, it was hard to understand exactly … Read More

Will Coronavirus Crisis Resolve Israeli Election Crisis?

Another Israeli election just ended without decisive results, leaving Israelis in a growing state of depression. However, this time around there may be a secret weapon that could help resolve the impasse: The mighty Coronavirus. Israel currently faces two horror stories: First is the horrifying … Read More